DeVry BUSN 258 Week 7 You Decide Latest




DeVry BUSN 258 Week 7 You Decide Latest



Managing Employees to Give Great Customer Service



You are Bob Yeader, a Sales Manager of a small printing company. One of your sales people asked for a meeting. The meeting was difficult. The sales person, Pat Lawson, broke down in the meeting. Pat said the work was too much and the customers too demanding. Where Pat used to be able to get all the work done in one week, there was now too much work. Your internal staff has noticed that Pat seems stressed. You wonder if customers are seeing the stress. Pat has been with your company for 15 years, but is ready to quit. You know that there is more work, after all there are more customers, and you recently put in place some new procedures and technology to make service to customers better and increase sales. Pat is the only one struggling; at least you thought so. You are wondering what your options are.


Your role is to come up with a solution for Bob’s situation. If you were in Bob Yeader’s position what would you do? Define the problem(s) as you see it. Determine possible solutions and pick a solution to implement immediately.


Chris NihilHR ManagerGeorge FishCustomer ServiceJack MasonBob Yeader’s ConsultantMonica MiltonCustomer Service Representative


Given the scenario, your role, and the information provided by the key players involved, it is time for you to make a decision. If you are finished reviewing this scenario, close this window and return to this week’s You Decide tab in eCollege to complete the activity for this scenario. You can return and review this scenario again at any time.



Read the You Decide scenario and decide on a response. Your goal is to identify the critical issues in the scenario and determine how you would resolve the issue. Write a report correctly formatted of at least 250 words. Submit the report to the Dropbox. Remember to run the spelling and grammar check on your work before turning it in.


Category Points % Description
Understanding 20 40% Demonstrate a strong grasp of the problem at hand. Demonstrate understanding of how the course concepts apply to the problem.
Analysis 20 40% Apply original thought to solving the business problem. Apply concepts from the course material correctly toward solving the business problem.
Execution 10 20% Write your answer clearly and succinctly using strong organization and proper grammar. Use citations correctly.
Total 50 100% A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

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DeVry BUSN 258 Week 7 You Decide Latest

Best DeVry BUSN 258 Week 7 You Decide Latest

DeVry BUSN 258 Week 7 You Decide Latest