DeVry BUSI 310 Research Paper Fall Latest




DeVry BUSI 310 Research Paper Fall Latest


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This example contains direct examples and quotations from multiple sources:”> With Integrity.ppt”> With Integrity.ppt

Perrin, R., (2009). Pocket guide to APA style (2nd ed.). Boston. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

The running head appears only once, and that is on the title page. The word Running is capitalized, but the word head is not; then, there is a colon, one space, and an abbreviated form of the full formal title in all capital letters.

The last area is the page header. Each page contains the page header and each page is numbered one up consecutively from the title page through the last page of the document. When properly set up in the Headers and Footers function, your computer will handle the consecutive numbering automatically.




This is the abstract page and is labeled as the Abstract (a Level I heading). It is never indented and is always the second page of an APA document. The abstract a brief but detailed overview of the paper, emphasizing key ideas. The abstract is normally 150 – 250 words long and is only intended to help the reader ascertain if the paper is relevant to his or her area of inquiry. The abstract is usually only one paragraph. In the opening sentence, describe the topic or problem addressed in the paper. Use the remaining words in the paragraph to clarify methodology and to explain results or conclusions. An abstract is normally an overview of the paper, rather than an overview of the topic.

Keywords: provide a brief list of words that best describe the content of your paper.
APA Formatting Guide

Please note that page three is the actual beginning of the text of the paper, the first line of which is the full, formal title of the paper exactly as it appears on the title page. The formal title is centered on the page in uppercase and lowercase letters (a Level I heading) and is one inch from the top edge of the page. Beginning with page three, all initial lines of paragraphs are to be indented 5-7 spaces uniformly throughout the paper.

Examples of Headings

Level-1 Heading

Level-2 Heading

Level-3 heading.


A paper should always include an introduction and a conclusion. Transitions – words or phrases that signal relationships among elements of the paper – facilitate readers’ progress through a paper. Use transitional words and phrases to creaste appropriate links within your work.

Margins and Spacing

All APA margins are one inch, with the exception of page headers, which are one half inch down from the top of the page and one inch in from the right edge of the paper. Left margins are justified. Right margins are left ragged. All spaces between lines are one double space. There is no double-double spacing or any other type of spacing acceptable.

Page Headers (watch for widow and orphan lines)

Page headers appear on all pages of the document. The number for the page is at the one-inch right margin and from the last letter of the header to the page number is five (5) spaces. Use the header function to add page headers.


In its most extreme form, plagiarism involvements submitting someone else’s work as your own. However, equally unacceptable form involves copying and pasting entire segments of another writer’s work into your own writing.Academic dishonesty also involves inadvertently blending elements of a writer’s work into your own. The Liberty Way defines plagiarism as: “Omitting quotation marks or other conventional markings around material quoted from any printed source. Paraphrasing a specific passage from a specific source without properly referencing the source.Replicating another student’s work or parts thereof and submitting it as an original” (as cited in Heady, 2009).



American Psychological Association. (1992). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of

conduct. American Psychologist, 47,1597-1611.

Brown, H., & Milstead, J. (1968). Patterns in poetry: An introductory anthology. Glenview, IL:

Scott, Foresman.

Heady, E., (2009). Writing with integrity: Understanding Liberty University’s Code of Honor. Retrieved from: With Integrity.ppt

Perrin, R., (2009). Pocket guide to APA style (2nd ed.). Boston. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Note the “hanging” indentation format. The first line of the reference is at the one inch left margin and the subsequent lines are at the five-seven space standard indent References should be in listed in alphabetical order. Retrieval information – a URL or DOI – should be included to direct readers to the electronic copy. If the article is found in the LU Library, a perpetual link should be used. Listing a reference that is not used within the body of the paper could be considered academic dishonesty.


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DeVry BUSI 310 Research Paper Fall Latest

Best DeVry BUSI 310 Research Paper Fall Latest

DeVry BUSI 310 Research Paper Fall Latest