Devry BIS 445 Week 4 ILAB Latest




Devry BIS 445 Week 4 ILAB Latest

iLab 4: Create a data warehouse using a star schema and then analyze data warehouse information.


Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page.

(See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due dates.)

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Connect to the iLab here.


Scenario and Summary

The management of the Coffee Merchant needs to find the sales pattern by data mining the sales data. The purpose of the data mining exercise is to find any of the sales patterns. In particular, the senior management team is interested in the quarterly sales reports by different sales region. From the experience, the team thinks that each region would have different product needs at a different quarter. As a sales analyst, you need to apply the data mining techniques using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Your assignment is to create a parameter, matrix report, and explain the report to find sales a pattern at a different region on a different fiscal year quarter.


Submit the YourName_Lab4_Questions.docx to the Week 4 iLab Dropbox.




Step 1

Translate the business requirements into operational data mining specifications.


Step 2d to Step 2h

Find the right tables and columns from data warehouse (Coffee Merchant database).


Step 4

Create a parametric, metric report.


Final Deliverable

Lab 4 Student Answer Sheet




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Download the Week4_Lab4_Questions.docx from DocSharing. You will answer the questions and provide screen prints as required for each part of the lab.

Read the scenario and translate the requirements into specifications.

Connect to iLab.

Connect to BIS445SQL data source.

Connect to Coffee Merchant database.

Part A: Set up data by writing SQL script

STEP 1: Problem Description

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Devry BIS 445 Week 4 ILAB Latest

Best Devry BIS 445 Week 4 ILAB Latest

Devry BIS 445 Week 4 ILAB Latest