Devry BIS 245 Week 3 Quiz Latest

Devry BIS 245 Week 3 Quiz Latest


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Devry BIS 245 Week 3 Quiz Latest

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Question 1.1.(TCO 2) In a relational database, entities are (Points : 4)

All of the above

Question 2.2.(TCO 2) Which of the following is NOT a step in the Database Life Cycle? (Points : 4)

Database Design
Maintenance and Redevelopment

Question 3.3.(TCO 3) Database design refers to (Points : 4)

developing a database model that will support company operations.
focusing on understanding the business and its functional areas or business processes.
selecting the specific hardware characteristics based on data storage and data access requirements.
the process of converting your ERD into tables, and defining your rows and columns based your entities and attributes.

Question 4.4.(TCO 2) A crow’s foot (Points : 4)

is a Boolean field.
is used to describe attributes.
points to the child table.
points to the parent table.

Question 5.5.(TCO 2) The term cardinality refers to (Points : 4)

a count of the total records in a table.
a field which is a candidate for a primary key.
the number of records in a relationship.
the most important field in a table.

Question 6.6.(TCO 2) A primary key (Points : 4)

can be computer generated.
consists of one field only that uniquely identifies each record in a table.
is a relationship between two or more tables.
All of the above.

Question 7.7.(TCO 3) Which does NOT apply to the following relationship image?”>

(Points : 4)

A one-to-many relationship is shown between Orders and Order Details.
The display is showing the Design View of relationships.
Order Details has a composite primary key.
Within the Orders Details table, the ProductID field will contain unique values only.

Question 8.8.(TCO 4) Entity attributes are represented as (Points : 4)


Question 9.9.(TCO 4) Validation text (Points : 4)

changes the way text data is formatted.
determines the maximum length of a Text field.
requires correct text data input.
specifies the error message when a rule is violated.

Question 10.10.(TCO 4) Based on the image, which statement does NOT describe the following one-to-one relationship?”>

(Points : 4)

An excel upload would impact the integrity of the data based on the table design.
Author and AuthorNew tables use the same primary key.
More tables can be joined to either table.
It may be used for security reasons to protect data availability.

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Devry BIS 245 Week 3 Quiz Latest

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Devry BIS 245 Week 3 Quiz Latest


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