DeVry ACCT 571 Week 2 Assignment Latest




DeVry ACCT 571 Week 2 Assignment Latest


Using the Internet, find a recent case in the news about business fraud (within the last 18 months) that involved systems and/or information breach. Summarize the situation, identify the control issues that were compromised and discuss what could have been done to mitigate the loss. Please refer to the six questions on page 143 related to Case 5-1. Adapt those questions to your case in the news and they will serve as good guidance for your paper.

The layout of the paper must follow one of the styles (APA, etc.) that are listed in the syllabus. The body of the paper must be at least 750 words, not including the cover page, page/section headings, or the reference page. It must also include several in-text citations from outside sources (excluding your textbook) of your choosing. Please use one of the accepted methods for citing outside sources as outlined in the syllabus.

Your assignment will be graded as follows.

  • 60% tied to the quality of your content – Did you thoroughly evaluate the case and follow instructions?
  • 20% tied to the organization and cohesiveness of your thoughts – Did the presentation of your evaluation make sense?
  • 10% tied to the editing and format of the paper – Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and so on.
  • 10% tied to proper citations – In-text citations as well as including a works cited or reference page.

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these″>step-by-step instructions or watch this Tutorial″>Dropbox Tutorial.

See the Syllabus section “Due Da


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DeVry ACCT 571 Week 2 Assignment Latest

Best DeVry ACCT 571 Week 2 Assignment Latest

DeVry ACCT 571 Week 2 Assignment Latest