Devry ACCT 434 Week 3 Quiz Latest



Devry ACCT 434 Week 3 Quiz Latest


Question 1.1.(TCO 3) McDevitt Company employs six individuals. They are each paid $30,000 salary per year. How would total costs of personnel be classified?(Points : 3)
Fixed cost within relevant range
Variable cost within relevant range
Question 2.2.(TCO 3) For January, the cost components of a picture frame include $0.35 for the glass, $0.65 for the wooden frame, and $0.80 for assembly. The assembly desk and tools cost $400. A total of 1,000 frames is expected to be produced in the coming year. What cost function best represents these costs?(Points : 3)
y = 1.80 400X
y = 400 1.80X
y = 2.20 1,000X
y = 1.00 400X
Question 3.3.(TCO 3) Which cost estimation method uses a formal mathematical method to develop cost functions based on past data?(Points : 3)
Quantitative analysis
Industrial engineering
Account analysis
Question 4.4.(TCO 3) Penny’s TV and Appliance Store is a small company that has hired you to perform some management advisory services. The following information pertains to 20X2 operations: Sales (2,000 televisions) $900,000; Cost of goods sold $400,000; Store manager’s salary per year $70,000; Operating costs per year $157,000; Advertising and promotion per year $15,000; Commissions (4% of sales) $36,000. What are the estimated total costs if Penny’s expects to sell 3,000 units next year?(Points : 3)
Question 5.5.(TCO 4) Feedback regarding previous actions may affect(Points : 3)
implementation of the decision
future predictions
the decision model
All of the above
Question 6.6.(TCO 4) For decision making, a listing of the relevant costs(Points : 3)
will help the decision maker concentrate on the pertinent data
will only include future costs
will only include costs that differ among alternatives
All of the above
Question 7.7.(TCO 4) Sunk costs(Points : 3)
are relevant to all decisions
have future implications
are future costs
are past costs
Question 8.8.(TCO 4) Black Tool Company has a production capacity of 1,500 units per month, but production is only 1,250 units.The manufacturing costs are $60 per unit and marketing costs are $16 per unit. Doug Hall offers to purchase 250 units at $76 each for the next five months. Should Black accept the one-time-only special order if only absorption-costing data are available?(Points : 3)
Yes, since operating profits will most likely increase
No, since only the employees will benefit.
No, the company will only break even
Yes, good customer relations are essential
Question 9.9.(TCO 5) The theory of constraints is used for cost analysis when(Points : 3)
a manufacturing company produces multiple products and uses multiple manufacturing facilities and/or machines
using a long-term time horizon
operating costs are assumed fixed
All of the above
Question 10.10.(TCO 5) Keeping the bottleneck operation busy and subordinating all nonbottleneck operations to the bottleneck operation involves(Points : 3)
keeping the bottleneck resource busy at least 90% of the time
maximizing the contribution margin of the nonbottleneck operation
having the workers at the nonbottleneck operation or machine improving their productivity.
None of the above


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Devry ACCT 434 Week 3 Quiz Latest

Best Devry ACCT 434 Week 3 Quiz Latest
Devry ACCT 434 Week 3 Quiz Latest


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