ACCT 424 Week 6 Discussions DeVry




ACCT 424 Week 6 Discussions DeVry

Week 6 DQ 1

As we now know all too well, virtually every tax system has two major components: the thing that is being taxed (otherwise known as the tax base) and the rate at which it is taxed (known, appropriately enough, as the tax rate). With the income tax, the base is, well, income. Contrary to what Congress might have you believe, however, the base of the death tax is not death. Rather, it’s the size of the decedent’s estate. How is this determined and, in particular, what is the starting point for this determination? The answer is the gross estate.

Week 6 DQ 2

Think of the workout room as a classroom chalkboard that will be used to discuss and work on problems each week. So, who will be the first brave student? Please start with Chapter 18, problem 38 on page 18-45.